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Andree Jacobson andree at newmexicoconsortium.org
Wed Mar 30 10:37:45 MDT 2016

Greetings PRObE community.

It's that time of the year, when we ask for reports of activity on the
PRObE clusters. In accordance to our publication policy and part of our
reporting requirements to the NSF is to keep track of work done on PRObE

Please take a moment to review our list of publications,

and let us know about any changes or additions that needs to be addressed.

Since we are close to the end of the initial grant, we are also trying to
collect as many success stories as possible, so that we may share that with
our funding agency. Please take a moment to make some short notes about the

  * How the use of PRObE resources have made your research possible -
     especially if it had not been otherwise possible to do using other

  * Any long term benefits / contributions to your field of research that
you feel PRObE has helped impact.

  * Suggestions on potential other research you have been contemplating
utilizing PRObE resources for in the future.

  * What values you see in PRObE, and how it would impact you, and other
people in your field if this resource was not available to you.

Please send feedback about publications, etc., to
probe at newmexicoconsortium.org - most preferably before Apr 4th (Monday).

When you signed up to use PRObE resources, you agreed to provide such
feedback to us, but more than that, your comments are also greatly
appreciated - we love to hear about your experiences!

Best regards,

*Andree Jacobson*
Chief Information Officer
PRObE Project Manager

New Mexico Consortium
4200 W Jemez Rd, Ste. 200
Los Alamos, NM 87544

*Phone:* (505) 412-4180, *Fax:* (505) 212-0049
*Email:* andree at newmexicoconsortium.org
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