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   Greetings PRObE Users.

   The PRObE Kodiak cluster has been the work-horse for our users since the
   grand opening of PRObE back in Oct 2012. Three full years of operation has
   taken its toll on the hardware, and the original 1024 nodes have been
   gradually reduced to the now roughly 200. The hardware is getting so
   outdated that it's now hard to keep even the 200 nodes up - and we have a
   new ~1200 node cluster (Nanek) arriving in a few weeks which will need the
   floor space currently occupied by the remnants of Kodiak. We need to make
   some room.

     It's with some sentimental thoughts that we are announcing the
   decommissioning of Kodiak:

     Kodiak shutdown date is set to Friday - Oct 16th, 2015 by COB. 

   If you have any final files that need to come off Kodiak - or if you have
   any final experiments that you need to run - now is the time. So far, no
   one has indicated interest in running any destructive tests - if you do -
   now is also ithe time to suggest them.

   While we are bringing up Nanek, Nome, Marmot, and Susitna are of course
   still available.


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