[NMC PRObE] Payback time for PRObE usage

Garth Gibson garth at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Nov 3 09:55:24 MST 2013


Its time to gather citations to papers, WIPs, posters, blogs, code releases, talks ….

Please do this early and often, and today especially.

If your use of PRObE contributed to any public data/code/paper/talk, please send us all citations and URL to online versions.

Remember, use of PRObE requires that you publish your results somewhere (paper, web site, etc) and that you acknowledge PRObE support: http://www.nmc-probe.org/policies/publication

PRObE will be holding a BOF Tues Nov 5 at 7pm at SOSP, http://sigops.org/sosp/sosp13/bofslist.html.  Please attend if you can, and encourage other potential users to attend.

Susitna is now available: 34 nodes of 64 core x86 processors, for a total of more than 2000 x86 cores. Susitna also has NVidia donated K20 GPU coprocessors with 2496 cuda cores each, for a total of 84,864 cuda cores. With 128 GB DRAM, a hard disk and an SSD each, Susitna nodes are interconnected by 40Gbps ethernet, 40 Gbps infiniband and 1Gbps ethernet.  Access to Susitna is not automatic with a portal account -- go to susitna.pdl.cmu.edu to get a project on this cluster.


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